Busy Bee on Middle Earth…

So it turns out that I’m terrible at updating – my apologies!! I’ve been a busy bee (two jobs, uni work, and obsessing over Merlin take time, you know). “Winter is coming” and I’m not feeling very creative at the moment, not at all. Any inspiration is welcome… anyone?

Here are just a few things that have gone on since I last wrote:

  • I appeared in my local paper for winning the United Press prize, which was great! Thanks again to everyone, and I’m glad it generated some publicity for the blog.
  • Went to see Measure for Measure at The Swan in Stratford on friday. Wow, just wow. Was not expecting that! Shakespeare with an S&M twist – sure he would be thrilled! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.
  • Yesterday I met the poet, Philip Burton (lovely chap) and bought his latest collection of poems, which had incited a mini-freakout in me. They’re wonderful. I look forward to receiving it next week!

In other news:

Incandescent, the East-Yorkshire poetry magazine, are taking submissions now, as are Cake, the Lancaster-based publication. So get your entries in!

It’s been too hectic for me to send much work off, and my novel has been put on the back-burner whilst I get all these essays in. However, I did send a script off to the Beeb (ambitious, I know!) so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been watching Peter Jackson’s production videos for The Hobbit… is anyone else getting incredibly excited?? December 2012 – I will be at the front of that queue with my One Ring, my action figures, and yelling Elvish at passers-by! Be warned.


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