To PhD, or not to PhD…

February, when did you get here? So, over half the month has passed, along with Valentine’s Day (see how I refrained from anything vilely sentimental?), and Pancake Tuesday lies deliciously near.

I’m now back in the swing of uni, routinely nerding away in the depths of the library. Whilst typing away, I have been struck by the time-old question: to PhD, or not to PhD. I’ve become incredibly interested in a particular type of fantasy literature, although I have found little about it in journals or online, so I thought this might be a great subject to research. Opportunities like these rarely present themselves and I would love to take this research a step further, but time and money are pressing issues. Anyone have any thoughts on this? What are your experiences? How many cups of coffee should I expect to get through in a day?

I came across this article from the University of Bolton, and thought their creative magazine looks like a fantastic idea. Why not send in your work!

A massive thank you to Sally Stephenson who has included me on her website – absolutely chuffed! Sally and I recently became friends over Twitter and she has been so kind and helpful with critiquing my work. Ah, Twitter, where would we be without you?

On with the research!

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8 thoughts on “To PhD, or not to PhD…

    1. Thanks so much for this article, BeingMrsDrD! I think I may be suffering with number three – “almost done with your Masters, and you’re panicking”!!

      1. Be strong…be strong! Ride that wave…except of course you’re sure in which case go for it 🙂 Just remember that it always all works out…

  1. Hey Jen, love this post. Its strange really ive just found a PHD topic on a similar theme and am facing the same dilemma. Id be interested to hear what feedback you get. Hope your well x

    1. KitKat – I’ve had very mixed feedback so far! However, I’m trying to figure out if I want this PhD because I feel obligated to do it, or whether it will actually make me happy. In a way, I would love to carry on with my research in my own time, and not have the pressure of an extra qualification! I’m good thank you, m’dear – just stressing over some things. Hope you’re good =) x

      1. So have i and all the different university’s have different ways of applying and want different things as to funding etc. I feel the same. I definitely do want the PHD definitely definitely but i don’t know whether it would do me good to get out of academia for a year and like you say carry on with my research in my own time … I hope your not stressing too much. Keep in touch, let me know how your doing, we all got to stick together at times like these 🙂 x

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