Magpies and Metaphors

Happy New Year!

As part of my 2013 Resolutions (capital R for rigour…) I’m going to kick-start my blogging again and hopefully get chatting to some of you lovely people from the Blogosphere. Hello! So set aside the tinsel, wade through the chocolate wrappers, and I’ll get you a brew.

There were other things on my Resolution list: join a new club, publish my book, get a new flat. However, it hasn’t been until today, 01/01/2013, that I’ve finally felt energised enough to do them. I lay in wait for the big day. I could have signed up to the club yesterday, two weeks ago, 11:49PM; but nope, I waited and plotted like ginger tom cat eyeing your Xmas dinner.

I waited for ‘New Year – New You’.

We’re constantly looking for these signifiers, the nudges in the right direction, to make us do what we’ve really been meaning to do for ages. We look for signs. We mark things with language. We all know the magpie rhyme – “One for sorrow, two for joy…” – What happened before someone made up that rhyme? They were just pesky feathered fiends, not full-on magpie metaphors.

I was out for a walk today. Frolicking down country lanes, avoiding fierce mountain bikers, and I noticed it was a blooming nice day.

“Ah, 2013 will be a good one! The sun’s out!”

The sun isn’t going to make 2013 a good’n – I’ll do that on my own, thanks. My resolutions have been sitting gathering dust for a while now, and I’ve been waiting and waiting to make a start. But we make our own luck, we bring about our own changes in life. The right time to reach ahead is now, and any other time, for that matter!

So I’m going to set aside the metaphors for my writing, not my life, and have a cracking 2013!

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