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Autumn blessings and one week until The Wheel arrives

Hi everyone! I hope you’re successfully navigating this month’s Mercury Retrograde (nervous laughter).

It’s been a caffeine-fuelled few months. After finishing the book and doing rounds of edits on top of my normal day job, I’ve been running on adrenalin and English Breakfast Tea. I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty exhausted right now, but I’ve been looking outside to the views across the misty autumn fields and my brain has automatically started to slow down. It’s a big comfort to know that the Northern Hemisphere is coming into the season of rest.

I’m counting my autumn blessings.

Up here in Northumberland (where I’m staying on a short break right now), there is a blackbird singing in the still-leafy treetops and a chiffchaff is using every inch of its lungs to blast out its last calls of the year. There is a definite chill in the air today. As I drank my morning cup of tea outside, the steam rolled away from me, ready to tangle itself up in the hedgerows.

In my Mabon blog, I mentioned how I wasn’t always such a fan of autumn – particularly the transition from summer to autumn – but it’s hard not to fall in love with the low dawn light on the fields.

Eight days to go!

But, for now, my publication date is just eight days away!

I have loved writing this book so much and I’m actually itching to get started on my next project. I miss the act of writing in the hours long before anyone else is stirring on the street.

With the book launch date so close (!), I wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on lately and where you can find out more info on The Wheel:

The Wheel online

Recently I spoke with the fabulous Bexi of the Wild Moon Sessions podcast. We talked about cycles, our love of trees and the positive effects of ‘earthing’ or grounding on the soul! Take a look at the video below.

I also really enjoyed my Instagram Live with Stevie (@magicalandmessy). I love connecting with wonderful people who are so in touch with the seasonal shifts and want to share their joy with the world. We spoke about being in tune with the moon and ways to celebrate each turn of the Wheel of the Year. Watch the full session on Stevie’s IG page.

And thank you so much to Liz Robinson of Love Reading for giving The Wheel this beautiful review – I’m over the moon!

Next week, I’ll be talking about my writing process and how The Wheel came about. But in the meantime, you can catch up with my other blog posts below:

See you next week (publication time, eek!) – and, don’t forget, you can still pre-order The Wheel from your favourite bookshop.

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