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The Black Air

The Black Air

Young adult novel

In a remote village overshadowed by a gruesome legend and ancient superstitions, who can say what’s real, what’s not, and what should stay buried deep inside your head? The Black Air is a spellbinding contemporary novel with a dark mystery at its heart.

Set in the depths of rural Lancashire as a community marks the 400th anniversary of the Long Byrne witches’ deaths, this is a story about obsession, mental health, disordered eating, the supernatural, and the lengths that teenage girls will go to for the sake of all-consuming female friendships.

Available September 2023 from UCLan Publishing

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What they’re saying about The Black Air

‘A powerful exploration of female friendship set against a fascinating witchy history. You’ll still be under The Black Air‘s spell long after you’ve read the final page.’ Melissa Welliver – My Love Life and The Apocalypse

The Black Air captures perfectly the intensity of teenage friendship in a small rural town. Beautifully written, raw, gripping and eerie – this is UKYA at its very best.’ Liz Flanagan – Eden Summer and Legends of Sky

‘A gripping, atmospheric story of intense friendship and witchcraft that had me questioning everything.’ Amy McCaw – Mina and the Undead

‘I absolutely adored this magical story, wrapped in a mysterious and often almost isolating setting, with friendships, family and feminism at its heart. It’s an emotionally charged story of self-discovery with poetic writing and stunning imagery, with vibes of Practical Magic and The Craft.’ Emma Finlayson-Palmer – #UKTeenChat

The Black Air is a deeply moving and thought-provoking novel that leaves readers reflecting on its powerful themes long after the final page.’ Netgalley Reviewer

”If you love witches, the lore and the darkness, the haunting-ness of the crimes that happened in those days, and a good deep YA story, you’ll love this great thriller.’ Netgalley Reviewer

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