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Little Hazelnut

The pop-up picture book that brings you closer to nature.


It’s almost spring – can’t you feel it? The green is sprouting in the park and the birds are shaking out their winter feathers as if to say, “Bring it on, 2018.”

With those longer days fast-approaching, I wanted a book that made me feel fresh and alive. So when I first opened this one my eyes lit up.

Little Hazelnut, by Anne-Florence Lemasson & Dominique Ehrhard, is the simple, heart-warming tale of how a hazelnut defies the odds and survives the bitterness of winter to become a beautiful new shoot in spring.

I can’t resist a pretty book like this one.

The book is filled with adorable wildlife pop-ups which slot together seamlessly. We follow a scampering snow-white mouse, a busy squirrel and a foraging blue tit along the book’s pages, always shown in a delicate, calming colour pallet

Old Barn Books publishes titles that really reflect and connect with the natural world, and I’m so happy to have found them. Aimed at 7-9-year-olds, this perfect picture book is a great gift for kids who love wild animals and appreciate the little things in life.

These beautiful pop-ups run throughout the book
What a sweet little chap!

Tomorrow is the 1st February, traditionally a time when we lit bonfires to banish the winter and its searing cold. Although it might still technically be winter, there are fresh snowdrops on every grassy bank and the pairs of birds on the river near my house look ready to start nest-building. Believe it or not, the first lambs are already out in the fields!

What signs of spring have you already seen?

Nature, charm and a little touch of magic – Little Hazelnut is the perfect book to get your little ones ready to bloom.


 Find your own copy of Little Hazelnut on the Old Barn Books website (£10.99).


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