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CVs & Tea Leaves

Well, it seems I’m being turfed out into the dreaded ‘real world’ after four years of comfortably shabby student living. I’m ready to take on life – armed with essays and amazing stir-fry skills. Bring it on.

And things aren’t looking too dreary at all at the minute. I’m very excited to have just received Elissa Elwick’s beautiful illustrations for “Legendary” and “Twitch” to be released in December 2012. Already stocking up on the celebratory tipple. The dissertation is well on its way. However, it turns out writing about snow in June wasn’t the best idea… Writing again has been such a release, and thanks to some lovely friends I’m finally getting stuff down on the page. Elizabeth and Mary, you have been absolute stars! Have been spending some long spring days in Lancaster, pen in hand.

Congratulations to the top 3 winners of Lancashire Book of the Year 2012 – very well-deserved to Chris Higgins, Malorie Blackman and Zoë Marriott! The events were absolutely wonderful, and the student judges were fantastic.

As the real end of uni life approaches, I’m glad to be getting out there. As for now, I’m swamped in CVs and covering letters. So if you know of any jobs where I can look at books all day and mess around with apostrophes, you know where to send them. But in the meantime, bring on the tea and biscuits! (malted milks preferable)

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