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Winter Wafflings

I’m having a belated blow of festivity, drinking ‘Christmas Tea’ from a Santa mug and cheerily humming “Sleigh Ride”. Must be this vile good mood I’m in!

Anywho, so 2012 is here! Looks set to be a good’n: I complete my MA, go on two work placements and will finish this bloomin’ book of mine! 2011 has been a fantastic year in terms of writing, and I hope that this year can be even better.

Whilst looking into the Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition, I just stumbled upon this site detailing lots of poetry events for 2012 – well worth a look!

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5 thoughts on “Winter Wafflings”

  1. Good luck with finishing your MA and work placements, sounds exciting! if you ever want a proof reader or beta reader for your work let me know, i follow you on twitter at sillysally_86 🙂

  2. Thanks so much – it’s going to be a busy year! I’m following you too 😀 It would be great to have a proof-reader, let me know if you need the same.


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